Thunder Eggs

Author’s Note: Forgive this being a little rough for now. I wanted to get this story out for Easter, but I’m suffering severe time constraints. This story is for Anothermeekone. Check out his stuff too.

It had been a particularly odd day for Greg Universe. To begin with, he woke up at seven in the morning instead of rolling out of bed around noon. Then, instead of eating the usual strawberry toaster strudels, he found some blueberry ones in the back of his van instead. To top it all off, someone had actually played for a waxing! It was the most bizarre day that Greg had experienced in years!

After he’d cleaned the car wash and prepped it for tomorrow, Greg decided to wind down with a mellow jam session on top of a hill outside of town. He had gotten muscled out of his old jam spot next to the warehouse by a kid with a recorder, but he couldn’t complain about the inspiration the new scenic view of the ocean gave him. He was just in the middle of an improvised tune that was particularly upbeat, reminding him of Steven off in space on yet another adventure with the Gems, when he saw a familiar face Crest over the far side of the hill. It was huge and mounted onto the roof of a van.

“May-or Dew-ey!” blared over approaching vehicle’s speakers, drowning out Greg’s music.

Greg stopped when the van stopped moving and a suited figure unceremoniously tumbled out of the driver’s side of the vehicle. Even with his face planted in the ground, it was easy to identify the mayor of Beach City from his vehicle alone, though he did appear a little different. As he rose, Dewey seemed to be having trouble winning against a battle between gravity and balance, and it wasn’t hard to see why. The mayor’s usually slender, dignified form was now notably altered by the addition of a new, plump pot belly.

“Universe!” he cried out with his usual frantic, pleading voice as he approached slowly on foot.

“Hey, Mayor Dewey,” Greg cheerily greeted. “Gosh, are you okay?”

“Yes, well, no!” he flustered, out of breath from walking the short distance between his van and Greg’s. Seeing the mayor grip his knees, puffing from exertion over the small jaunt, was almost comical, though Greg managed to keep a straight face.

“Beach City is under attack!” he exclaimed to the ground, still gasping and trying to recover.

“What!?” Greg gasped, dropping his guitar.

“By monsters,” Dewey continued. “Like your son Steven’s friends fight, but smaller!”

Greg paused, cocking his head.


The mayor exuberantly shook his head. He was clearly in a panic, but Greg knew that it didn’t take much to scare Dewey.

“How small?”

Mayor Dewey, having finally fought his breath, stood upright, his new and prodigious belly nearly expanded out far enough to bump Greg from an arm’s distance away.

“Maybe about this big?” he answered, holding out his fist.

“And what exactly are they doing?” Greg pressed.

“Well, I don’t- Um,” Dewey face grew flush as he glanced down out his new gut. “Why don’t I show you? Then you can see about getting Steven’s friends to help.”

“Well, I dunno about the Crystal Gems,” Greg said with a confident smile, “but I’m pretty handle myself. We could probably fix whatever this is without even needing their help!”

“You think so?” Dewey tentatively asked with hope glimmering in his eyes.

Greg shrugged, but that was good enough for the mayor. The pair loaded into Dewey’s van and raced back into Beach City, the chanting of the mayor’s name serving as their battle cry for the charge. When the two finally arrived all empty the nearby residential streets were all. Neighborhoods were ghostly quiet, and the various houses seemed deserted, empty and front doors left wide open. The sight creeped Greg out and let loose a cascade of butterflies into his stomach. Mayor Dewey pressed on though, through the residential area and towards the boardwalk, were a great commotion of shouts and screams could even be heard over Dewey’s name being chanted over the loudspeakers.

The first thing Greg saw when the van tires clack onto the creaky, old planks of the boardwalk was Mr. Smiley, his usual grin a fearful grimace. He guarded the entrance of the Funland Arcade with a chair held in front of him, prodding forward with it forward like a lion tamer at the circus might.

“Back! Get back!” he shouted towards the floor.

Dewey had halted his vehicle in front of Mr. Smiley as if the mayor himself was being warded off by the brandished chair, but a look in Dewey’s eyes told Greg that something very different had compelled the man to stop. An expression of contentment had spread across the mayor’s face when Greg hadn’t been looking, a bizarre face to be worn by Dewey. He seemed almost dazed, caught in a world of his own inner musings, but he was conscious enough to step out of his car and pace steadily towards the other side of the boardwalk, as if in a trance.

“Mayor Dewey?” Greg stepped down from the van and called after the man, but he either didn’t hear Greg or ignored him because Dewey simply kept walking.

The mayor was quickly dropped from Greg’s attention though when he saw what Smiley was guarding himself against. Mayor Dewey was right. It did appear to be a gem monster of some sort. Greg had spent enough time with Rose and Gems to know one when he saw it, yet it was very different from any other he’d previously seen. The main difference was the creature’s size as it was hardly larger than a soda can. It had a rather masculine appearance, also different from the rest of the Gems, and it didn’t seem particularly monstrous. In fact, it seemed as if it were just a very small gem. It even spoke too.

“Give it up, lesser,” it ordered in a surprisingly strong and commanding tone. “Join the greater!”

“I ain’t surrenderin’ to an egg!” Smiley half-laughed, half growled back.

This comment was on account of the gem’s strange shape. Despite having proportionally large, muscled arms and equally impressive legs, it’s entire torso was nothing but its gem, itself a strange oblong shape. The gem was quite beautiful to see though. It reminded Greg of those fancy, fragile eggs that old people had in their houses. “Fiber-shay”? He couldn’t recall the name of the decorations, but this one was by far the most glamorous of them all. It had a variety of colors shining from its glittering, rainbow patterns, each catching Greg’s eye in a nearly mesmeric fashion. In fact, the longer he stared into the shimmering surface of the gem the more his eyes became transfixed upon it. Greg found his jaw going slack, mouth opening, and drool slowly beginning to droop out of the side of his mouth. His eyes became glazed, and he was unable to remove them from the egg’s glamorous surface. He was practically paralyzed, his mind too overwhelmed by the the gem to move a muscle. Unnoticed by Greg, Mr. Smiley was suffering by the same predicament.

“Wha?” Smiley half mumbled, half exclaimed. He was clearly suffering under the effects of the same mesmerizing trance. He’d set the chair down, now drunkenly leaning on it instead of holding it between him and the egg gem. The grimace had soften into a tired, complacent version of his usual, exuberant smile. His eyes were half-lidded, but his eyes were still clearly visible. They flashed brilliant, chromatic reflections of the gems from the pupils outwards as if his tired eyes gazing into the gem were only leading him deeper and deeper into it’s spell.

“Wha are ya…” the last of Mr. Smiley’s questioned trailed off as his smile became a full, wide grim, a near ecstatic version of his usual form. His eyes had suddenly shot wide open, and he now took the gem’s vision in like his eyes were the mouth of a man dying of thirst.The gem’s hypnotic colors were the water, and he drunk it up by the gallon.

“That’s right, lesser,” the small gem gruffly chuckled. “How about you let me inside you like the rest of your friends, and then you can join the greater.”

Greg had no idea what the gem was talking about. He simply watched, his dopily slobbering mouth agape, while Mr. Smiley circled around the chair. Despite looking away from the gem, his eyes never ceased to widen, and his smile never faltered a single muscle. He posed over the chair, much like a stripper in a nightclub, with one knee over the seat of the chair and his ass posed suggestively towards the small gem. Smiley unbuckled his belt and saw to his shorts and underwear falling to his knees in one fell swoop. Exposed to the sea air was the plump rear that those shorts had been clinging to for as long as he’d known the guy. It was well-toned, Greg noted, and covered in a dense jungle of black hair on each cheek. Mr. Smiley didn’t stop there though. He next positioned a hand to clasp over each cheek, widening the crack of his plump bottom to reveal the sweet, juicy pucker hidden underneath and now eagerly winkling at both Greg and the gem.

The little egg laughed at the pathetic display.

“Very good, lesser. Now join the greater.”

In a sudden movement, Smiley excitedly discarded the chair from underfoot. He leaned back onto his haunches, hands still tightly clinging to his ass cheeks, and proceeded to lower his ass towards the boardwalk, towards the egg. Greg watched, still drooling and mesmerized by the gem until it was hidden beneath Mr. Smiley’s cheeks. Then something awakened in Greg.He hadn’t totally broken from the trance. To any bystander, he would’ve appeared exactly the same as he had before, but internally he became slightly aware of his surroundings. Now he watched Mr. Smiley slowly lower himself over the gem and was horrified.

He watched as the large, imposing man obeyed orders with a dumb smile on his face, grunting and groaning as he struggled to fit the sizable egg through his winking anus. Greg found he couldn’t look away from the man’s ass closing the distance to the boardwalk centimeter by centimeter to rhythmic groans of of pain and pleasure. Greg saw Mr. Smiley’s sizable cock, previous hidden behind his squatting legs, now stir to life and throb with every noise the large man intoned. Most shockingly, Greg found he couldn’t budge an inch even when a poignant slurping sound echoed out from Mr. Smiley’s prodigious ass, the man emitted a loud moan of euphoria, and his throbbing member suddenly jerked to splatter out a substantial payload of semen onto the planks of the boardwalk.

Then Mr. Smiley stood up. He shuffled out of his shorts, which were still hanging around his powerful thighs at the time of his abnormal performance, leaving his still twitching cock and beefy butt bare for all to see, and there were people to see. Mayor Dewey had meandered to the far side of the boardwalk and was headed towards the beach since Greg had last seen him, and he seemed to be the only one still with pants. Fryman was pacing out of his fry stand, his greasy apron bulging pointedly at groin height, and in turning around and towards the beach he gave Greg a fair view of his oven gold hair glazed ass. Kofi was ambling about without his usual shorts as well, exposing his athletic runner’s build from the waist down along with his privates. Even the youthful adults of age were trudging down to the beach like Sour Cream, that donut kid that Steven was always hanging out with, Dewey’s son, and Fryman’s older boy. Each were without pants, clearly aroused, and bearing their ass to the light of the afternoon sun.

All of these men bore the same colorful, wide eyes that Smiley did along with their own jubilant grin, and Mr. Smiley turned to leave Greg behind, he found himself helpless to follow. All of the men of Beach City seemed to be marching to some silent pied piper’s as they lazily marched down the boardwalk and towards the beach. Mr. Smiley and Greg were moving a tad faster than the rest which gave Greg a better view of the masculine, semi-nude crowd as the distance between them decreased. He could see the precum lustily dripping from each of their cocks like snot from a runny nose. The manhood twitched and throbbed with every step they took, even Mr. Smiley firming up again even after his fertile display earlier. The lot moaned as if they were the walking dead they resemble, but the guttural noises, groans, and moans were all driven by a deep, irresistible pleasure.

The strangest thing to see was the effects on their bodies. Greg had wandered how the mayor had been so strangely transformed since he’d last seen Dewey. Now he got to see the process first hand. Each of the mesmerized thralls’ bellies the longer they all ambled along the beach. At first they would develop a simple pot belly, alarming to see at first since it inflated out of their being in a matter of minutes without any rhyme or reason, but the real evolution occurred when their bottoms began to swell too. Mr. Smiley’s impressive rear grew until each cheek was easily double the size of a watermelon. Watching them bounce with the large man’s every step reminded Greg of two gigantic beach balls bouncing along the sand. Yellowtail, a short man and unexpectedly brawny without his usual raincoat, almost resembled a squat bowling pin, and then it occurred to Greg how much he appeared like an oblong circle just like the gem’s gem.

It clicked.

By the time the group reached the far side of the beach, everyone but Greg resembled an egg. Rotund bellies and gigantic asses made the men of the crowd exceedingly bottom-heavy and round. It was nearly comedic except for the gigantic gem monster standing on the sand before them. Greg’s mind screamed behind the tired, glazed eyes that observed the creature. It resembled smaller egg gems in a way. It was mostly humanoid appearing with muscular arms and legs, but instead of the human head that the gem Greg saw, this one had a long, serpentine shooting out from the top of its gigantic body. It itself wasn’t egg-shaped either as its person wasn’t bound to a single, larger gem. Instead the creature was comprised of dozens of other oblong gems, each as eye catching and mesmerizing as the last.

Greg found himself becoming reinduced into trance by these dazzling marvels until the thing’s head bowed down to come face to face with Greg. Its eyes opened to reveal two gigantic stones, both far more beautiful than any Greg had previously seen. Upon seeing them, he gasped. His posture snapped to being bolt upright. A high chord sounded off in the beach bum’s mind, and with a simple, stifled groan, the crotch of Greg’s pants became drenched with his seed and an ecstatic grin split his face.

The creature made no response to this, merely eyeing the measly human before it. The other ones were already accepting their proper place in the hierarchy that the corrupted gem took for granted. The smaller gems that served it, simple slaves of the larger creature, may have retained their own semblance of higher thinking, but this monster possessed a more animalistic cunning. In its mind it knew that it was a world of predators and prey. Unfortunately for the denizens of Beach City, they weren’t prey to this mighty and unnatural hunter.

Made the unwitting hosts of its parasitic servants, the egg-shaped thralls began to clamor towards the creature’s base. There they clung to the beast, embracing it with their abnormally thick and rotund bodies as a side effect of their possession. The gems inside of them wished to return to their master, like ants bringing sustenance to the queen of the colony, so the corrupted gem allowed it. One by one the humans would be engulfed by a bright light and begin sinking into the beast. An intelligent human with experience of the gems might’ve been able to identify this process as a twist of fusion, a genius way for the creature to quickly imbibe its prey. They’d be slowly phased through the fleshy semblance of light that made up the corruption’s body and into its inner being, a cavernous pit in which its egg-shaped prey were collected willingly and without fuss.

Greg himself should have known what the creature was doing, but he was too gone. He was deeply entranced by the monster’s enchanting eyes, made a thrall by the creature’s gems. The corruption was clever to a degree, and realized by Greg disappointingly flabby and un-egg-like shape that he was not directly under the effects of one of its parasites, which left only one way that the pathetic thrall could be absorbed. The creature opened its serpentine mouth wide, exposing its long, dark, fleshy corridor of a throat to Greg. The message was clear. The creature made no move to swallow the man itself. He had to do the work, and despite the mortal danger, the mind-melting effects of the corruption’s gems had made the monstrous pharynx appear quite welcoming.

With a stupid, drooling smile, Greg began to take slow, plodding steps towards the monster’s mouth. He stepped up in, past its lips, and over its soft spongy tongue. As the mouth closed shut, leaving Greg to continue forward in warm darkness, one of the last semi-intelligent thoughts that crossed his mind was how well the day had ended for starting so strangely.

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    Thunder Eggs

    Author’s Note: Forgive this being a little rough for now. I wanted to get this story out for Easter, but I’m ...
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