The Exotic Zoo

Everyone who was anyone went to see the “Exotic Zoo”. The name was simple, but people knew what was meant when it was spoken about: the recently established and vaguely controversial “Zoo of Men”.

No one was really clear how the zoo made its acquisitions, which was part of why the privately owned establishment had garnered such infamy after its opening. The common theory was that it was a mutually beneficial, contractual agreement, that men would agree to be the beasts of their choosing, but the owners of the zoo, a certain “Transformation Foundation”, took poignant care not to confirm or deny such rumors. This added another level of scandalous excitement to the experience of going, and some said they could see a desperation to be set free in the caged men’s eyes. Most belittled the absurd allegations though, rationalizing that, in a strange way, it made sense for an aloof or undiscerning man to submit to the comfort of a cage. He would be taken care of and marveled at, all without a care in the world.

At least, that was the pitch my friend Trevor gave me when the zoo started advertising a need for a lion. The zoo had never advertised for a position to be filled before. Previously a new exhibit would simply appear, lending credibility to the theory of kidnapping. Conspiracy theorists speculated that they simply waited the amount of time it took to brainwash their victims into snorting wild boars or cackling hyenas, so when the advertisements began the public divided in a mix of responses. In contrast, Trevor’s reaction was irregularly decisive: he wanted to apply.

Ryan had been taking particular care of himself in recent years, hoping to one day achieving a career in modeling, but he’d recently grown disheartened. He’s began going to the zoo with unusual frequency and began interjecting his envy for simple beast into everyday conversation. By the time the ads began circulating Trevor had already begun isolating himself by incident, leaving me as his only remaining close friend. I assume that’s why I was the only one he told about his interest in applying, and though I tried to discourage him, he disappeared shortly afterwards. I had assumed he went to the zoo to train since his apartment had long been abandoned. I went to the zoo for a week straight hoping to see him, but the lion’s cage on the edge of the property was left empty. That and the continued advertisements for a lion led me to believe that maybe Trevor’s dream career in modeling finally took off. 

I stopped going to the zoo after awhile, not seeing the point, when I was invited by some work friends. I humored them and went only to be separated from my coworkers by an unusually massive crowd. I overheard talk of a new feature, and my mind immediately went to Trevor. Once inside, I made my way directly to lion’s cage, excited at the prospect of what had happened to my lost friend. I was elated as well as stunned to see that there in the cage was not only Trevor, his golden-brown hair stylized into what a nearby informational display dubbed his “glorious, kingly mane”, but two other “lions” as well.

Each of their impressively sculpted bodies were left bare to the gawking audience, and each feline predator pretender seemed to bask in their glorious attentions, being sure to leave nothing of their nude forms to imagination. Trevor himself scowled at his spectators with a raptorial gaze while his cold-shrunken cock hung on full display beneath his rippling abs. Looking into those passive eyes filled with animalistic intent, I couldn’t help but wonder if Trevor hadn’t been taking advantage of in some way, if he hadn’t somehow become a brainwashed creature kept in confinement.

To abate these fears, I tried conversing with him a few times. It was difficult, negotiating my way through the heavy crowd surrounding his cage. Through most of your time spent pushing forward I couldn’t even see Trevor within the cage. It wasn’t until I reached the front of the crowd and cupped my hands around my mouth to call his name that Trevor entered your view once again. Then you stopped.

You were now face to face with Trevor. His grunting, mewling face inches from yours, albeit through bars, and behind him one of the other lions claimed your friend’s ass with feral exuberance. It wasn’t unusual for the men of the zoo to display their sexual prowess for the guests. The rabbits’ exhibit was a nearly constant orgy, but seeing your friend in the writhing throes of lust was both shocking and unexpectedly erotic.

His eyes showed recognition as they fell upon my conflicted face, but in response he simply puffed himself up with a proud smile and displayed his now engorged and throbbing lion-hood to me with intentional gusto. I watched in stunned enthrallment as Trevor’s lover began ramming faster and faster until the impressive specimen gave one final, harsh thrust. He shouted a loud, dominant groan in imitation of lion’s roar as semen seeped from around his cock and out of Trevor’s backside.

The crowd cheered at the lion’s successful breeding, and I watched slack-jawed as the other lion withdrew from Trevor, leaving to slump into a heap of soft bedding in the corner of the cage. Trevor continued smiling at me for a time before going to join his lover, idly humping his cock at the dominant lion’s side. I left the zoo without my coworkers, conflicted and confused. It was possible something very wrong was happening at that zoo, and I was considering attempting to break Trevor free until I thought of his smile.

To each their own, I guess.

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    The Exotic Zoo

    Everyone who was anyone went to see the “Exotic Zoo”. The name was simple, but people knew what was meant when ...
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    The Exotic Zoo

    Everyone who was anyone went to see the “Exotic Zoo”. The name was simple, but people knew what was meant when ...
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