Like Heroes in a Barrel

“I’m a sucker for superheroes, villains, and have a betrayal kink, so a whole group of heroes gets tricked into somehow being hypnotized… yeah that would be fantastic.”

Master Villain

Ironwill burst in with a sonic boom, miles above city. He was panting, exhausted from the exertion. The dark, steely gray latex was stained a darker shade beneath his arms and over his chest from a light sheen of sweat making his pronounced pecs and washboard abs apparent through the skin-tight costume that clung to his body. He had flown here faster than he had in several months, but he had deemed the break-neck speed necessary due to the urgent warning he’d received through his league communicator. He had been just wrapping up a relatively tame robbery, subduing the criminals before they could make a single move against the super-strong Ironwill, when the small circle at his belt started chirping like made. The readout had said that there was an apocalypse-level event, a warning that Ironwill had never even been briefed on before, centered on the metropolis some miles from his location, yet upon examining the city from his bird’s eye view, he couldn’t find a single thing out of place.

The city appeared to be perfectly normal. The citizens walked the streets as normal. None of the tall, deco-styled skyscrapers were out of place he couldn’t seen any signs of mass chaos or battle. Everything was strangely calm. Had Ironwill been a younger hero, he might’ve let down his guard and assumed that the notification was an accident, but the league rarely made a mistake as large as this. Heroes such as Brainstorm and Psychon kept all of their systems in close check. Their warnings and cautions were nearly perfect and had even saved Ironwill’s life on a few occasions, so he began to suspect that there was something more devilish at work.

Luckily, he didn’t have to solve the mystery on his own. Other heroes responding to the message were already starting to appear over the city with Ironwill. A smattering flew into view as Ironwill had. Some teleported to the city using their powers of teleportation, appearing in flashes of light on the city streets below alongside speedsters dashing through the traffic flow. Some distance off Dissonance blinked into view in the sky next to Ironwill. He was a fairly recent addition to the league and was still a little green. Looking to be only twenty-some years old though, Ironwill couldn’t blame the boy for still being a little rough around the edges, especially with abilities as sporadic and uncontrollable as his. Dissonance hovered in the air for a brief moment, his own muscular body suspended by a freak updraft thanks to his own bizarre powers of dimensional probability manipulation, before slowly descending into the city. Ironwill followed him down slowly, taking care to monitor his descent. In confidence, the boy had disclosed to the slightly more veteran hero that his powers were rarely commanded. They only reliably responded when he found himself in imminent danger, meaning the poor guy often had to make ginormous leaps of faith and throw himself into harm’s way. Dissonance had also told Ironwill that sometimes his powers had a wry sense of humor considering what was “safe,” meaning that the updraft that he was now dependent on to land him could peter out at any given moment. It was for this reason that Ironwill tried to guard the younger hero whenever he could, having sympathy for the poor glass cannon.

Luckily, Ironwill’s fears were unfounded, and Dissonance reached the ground in one piece.

“You alright, buddy?” Ironwill asked the young man once he’d made his landing.

“Yeah, I’m good,” he cheerily answered with a smile from under his green and gold cloak. “The teleportation is new though!”

“Yeah,” Ironwill chuckled at DIssonance’s ceaseless positivity, “You surprised both of us with that one, lil’ buddy.”

Dissonance’s smile faltered for a moment, and though his face was half-buried in the hood of his cloak, he could’ve sworn that he saw the vague impression of a blush from under the shadows on the youth’s cheeks. He was a bit of a shy sort with most of the league, but Ironwill was pleased with the progress the two of them had made since they first meant. Ironwill didn’t want to flatter himself, but he supposed that he himself was the one that knew the young hero the best since he joined. He was kind, endlessly cheery, and surprisingly trusting for a hero despite his shy nature. The only part of his flashy green and gold costume that hid his identity was the hood of his intricate cloak, and Ironwill had seen the young man’s face more than once while working alongside him. Ironwill had actually been inspired by the prodigy to reduce his full-face mask to the smaller half-mask that he wore now, choosing to trust the people he protected more, just as Dissonance did.

“Any idea what the emergency is?” Dissonance asked after clearing his throat and readjusting his hood.

“I only know just as much as you, I’m afraid,” Ironwill answered as he took a cursory glance around him, yet it only served to confirm what he’d seen from the sky, nothing. “I’ve never even seen a warning with a danger-level this high before, buddy. I half wanna say it’s a fluke, but…”

“But?” Dissonance prompted anxiously.

“Well, I’ve never known the league’s system to be wrong,” he slowly remarked, thinking as he spoke. “There’s a good chance that there is something going on here that we can’t see.”

“Like it’s invisible?” the younger hero asked with wide eyes.

Ironwill laughed to see the expression. He’d forgotten how new Dissonance was to being a vigilante.

“Maybe, but it’s more likely that it’s more complicated than that.”

Ironwill saw that more heroes were still piling into the city, organizing into groups of their own, and wandering about the city. Without leadership from the league at the rally point, they were all as good as superpowered tourists.

“How about this,” Ironwill continued with a smile. “We’ll take a look around and see if we can’t find anything amiss. If there’s nothing, we can at least say that we tried.”

“Sounds good, boss!” Dissonance said with a cheery thumbs up.

Ironwill led the exploration for around an hour, diligently surveying the city. He was used to taking on the task from the sky, flying around the city to ensure faster patrols, but Ironwill wasn’t too keen on the idea of leaving Dissonance to fend for himself in a strange city with a cataclysmic warning looming over their heads. With the rest of the heroes in the city, Ironwill supposed that he didn’t need to be hyper-vigilant as he usually was. In fact, Dissonance and him seemed to pass another league member every few blocks. Their paths crossed so many times with other heroes that the emergency started feel more like a reunion than anything else.

The superpowered duo relaxed over time until, one hour after starting the search, the two were making casual stops for food and window shopping. Ironwill had begun to doubt the warning to the point that he assumed that it was all a fluke and took advantage of the time to enjoy his young friend’s company. Dissonance, dazzled by the big city and the chance to get out his usual stomping grounds, proved to be simply ecstatic. He pointed out nearly every exciting piece of sculpture and architecture, marveling at the sheer size of it all. Ironwill, at home in his own metropolis, found Dissonance’s exuberant display of excitement endearing and nearly infectious. He took great pleasure in showing the young hero all of the familiar sights of the big city just to see Dissonance’s childlike awe.

The pair were half-finished with a set of smoothies when a familiar face came crashing through a nearby window and through the table they were seated at. Rex, a huge and formidable hero measuring at least eight feet tall with a proportionate muscle mass, quickly rose off of the ground with a large, dumb smile on his face, despite the bloody nose he’d acquired through the landing. He took care to balance the large smoothie cup in his hand so as not to spill it.

“Heya, fellas!” he dopily greeted Ironwill and Dissonance, wiping the blood away with a spare hand. “What;s up?”

Rex was often like this, a man of simple intellect despite his gigantic size. His expedient healing capabilities had already stopped his nose from bleeding, and though both he and Ironwill possessed super-strength, Ironwill was fairly certain that Rex would win on a one on one match.Today Rex seemed a bit more oblivious than usual though. He rarely threw himself through windows without reason, and looking at the destructive path the giant had left, Ironwill saw only shocked customers behind him. Though aloof, Rex also seemed to be nearly bubbly, stupidly giggling for no particular reason. Upon seeing how glazed the hero’s eyes looked, Ironwill wondered if Rex wasn’t under the influence of some substance, maybe even drunk.

“Hey, Rex,” Ironwill hesitantly answered. “We were drinking some smoothies. What are you up to? What did the window do to you?”

Rex’s face scrunched into a mask of slow contemplation, as he turned his gaze to the obliterated window. He idly scratched a cheek of his meaty ass through his deep red singlet with scaled patterning as he thought. He stayed that way for an awkward minute, Ironwill and Dissonance left sitting and waiting for a response, before the giant gave a dumb chuckle.

“I dunno,” Res answered with a shrug.

Ironwill pursed his lips. Dissonance, having never met Rex’s acquaintance, gave Ironwill a look of confusion. Neither of them knew what to make of Rex or his answer. Ironwill sighed before trying to defuse the situation.

“Look Rex, don’t you think-”

Before Ironwill could finish his though, something else suddenly gained Rex’s attention. His smile disappeared, his glazed eyes focused for a brief moment, and the giant turned from the two heroes before sprinting away through the streets. Wasting no time, Ironwill leapt from his chair and into the sky. Something was clearly wrong with Rex, and he certainly didn’t trust the huge buffoon not to inflict further damage onto the city. His head turned to look over his shoulder. He saw Dissonance behind him, now standing from his chair and clearly confused.

“Stay here,” he shouted, tearing off after the giant.

Rex rampaged through the streets, steering recklessly through traffic before diving into dark alleyways only to recklessly shoot out on the other side. Ironwill gave as close a chase as he could, but he inevitably had to help clean up and prevent injury in the giant’s wake. He stopped traffic in his path and swooped down to rescue people from Rex’s rampage, and the huge man seemed hardly fazed. Like a creature possessed, he plowed through any obstacle as if it was cardboard, ambling towards a goal that Ironwill could neither intuit nor see, and much to Ironwill’s aggravation, the heroes that seemed to be nearly clogging the streets before were nowhere to be found once he was faced with this huge problem of a friend’s rampage. It wasn’t until after Ironwill set down a car he had hastily hoisted out of Rex’s path that he hurried scanned the area to see what his compatriot was set on accidentally pulverizing next to find that Rex had finally ceased his destructive one-man riot.

From the sky, Ironwill spotted the hulking hero in a park a block away from the car that had since drove on its way. The large, red-clothed hunk stood out prominently amidst the simple greens of the public space. Ironwill glided towards the park, careful to keep a safe distance but still come close enough to prevent further disasters from occurring, though it became clear that Rex was a danger to no one for the moment the longer he was observed by the other hovering hero. The burly giant merely stood in place. A closer examination showed that Rex was also gently swaying side to side as if he was imitating the small trees that surrounded him on the park’s field. Put at ease and made curious by this observation, Ironwill drew closer to the lumbering man to see that he was not alone. Previously eclipsed by Rex’s colossal height, a closer look revealed to Ironwill a man that couldn’t have stood any taller than himself. He was moderately fit. Ironwill could just make out the biceps peeking out from under the man’s t-shirt as he held something out before Rex. The suspended item appeared to be a pendulum of some nature, and the small man seemed to be swinging the thing in Rex’s face in sync with the giant’s swaying. In the stranger’s other hand he held the smoothie that Rex had been carrying.

Something about this entire scenario seemed odd to Ironwill. He began to float closer to the ground, keeping an eye on the suspicious pairing until he was grounded and walking towards them from behind Rex.

“Rex, buddy?” Ironwill called out. “Are you alright, buddy?”

Rex made no move to answer. He didn’t even twitch. The man in front of him, however, peeked around the giant’s hulking form with a smile.

“Well, hello there!” he called out. “What can I help you with?”

“Is he okay?” Ironwill asked, still walking closer.

“He’s fine,” came the answer, punctuated by a pointed sip of smoothie. “We’re just having a chat.”

“Well,” Ironwill stopped, “I think he should come with me. He’s had a very busy day, and I need to ask him a few questions.”

“It’s okay,” the man said after another slurp. “He’s fine.”

His head turned to Rex.

“Tell him you’re fine, lug.”

Rex turned around, and Ironwill’s eyes went wide. A huge smile was spread over the giant’s face, the biggest he’d ever seen on the man, and it was dripping with copious amounts of drool from the corners of his grinning mouth, making him look like a perfectly stupid fool. His eyes were glassy and dazed as if he was under the influence of some substance. It seemed that Rex was purposefully bulging a variety of his muscles, sporadically flexing his chest, arms, and legs like he was in the midst of a bodybuilding competition. One such bulge was just below the waistline though, throbbing and straining poignantly at the crotch of his singlet, with a gigantic wet spot outlining the contents.

“Lug is fine,” Rex announced with a stupid grin. “Lug got Master a smoothie. I is good lug!”

“Well, don’t pump yourself up too much, Lug,” the other man chuckled from behind. “You still got the wrong flavor.”

“Lug is sorry, Master,” Rex apologized, never losing the smile or vacant eyes.

“It’s alright, dope,” the stranger said with a slap on Rex’s ass. “I’m still gonna fuck ya, later.”

Ironwill’s jaw dropped, and so did Rex’s with a mighty, euphoric groan. Upon his butt being swatted, the man’s head tilted back. His smile of pleasure grew on wider, and his hardened cock throbbed violently from within the hero’s singlet, only causing the wet spot to grow.

“What the hell are you doing?” Ironwill shouted at Rex in disbelief.

“Aw,” the man intoned with a note of sympathy, “you’re so cute when you’re confused. It’s such a shame that I’ve already bagged my hero for the day.”

Ironwill glared at the man peeking at from behind his friend with a mocking smile, marching towards him with every intention of getting to the bottom of this by whatever means were necessary.

“Lug,” the stranger simply addressed the gargantuan hero before him.

Rex, still gasping from his orgasm, raced forward with surprising speed. Ironwill made a move to step back, but before his foot even hit the ground, Rex hand both of his hands locked in a grapple. There was a brief scuffle as Ironwill attempted to struggle and the giant easily subdued him. Ironwill was on his knees, arms painfully locked behind his head and eyes staring ahead at the mysterious man that commanded his friend. He groaned in frustration to feel Rex’s damp groin against the back of his head, still throbbing from his latest exertion.

“Well, if you’re going to be a pill about it,” the man said as he cockily sauntered to the kneeling hero, “then I’ll just be forced to take you anyway.”

The man held out the hand without the smoothie. A golden chain hang from his fist, suspending a solitary jewel before Ironwill’s face. The hero was perplexed and waited for the chain to strangle him or the gem to begin firing some sort of death beam, hearkening back to the many past experiences he’d had once captured. In a way he was relieved when the man simply began swaying the chain before him. In fact, he laughed. Was this meant to be a play at hypnotism, a hokey attempt at being like those old black and white cartoons with zombie-like victims and villains with top hats. It was all fake. Ironwill scoffed as he fixed his eyes on the crystal. Why shouldn’t he? It’s not like any of this had any chance at working. He practically challenged the man to hypnotize him. He had half an idea that Rex was only playing at being hypnotized too. He’d always been a bit of a dunce. Maybe he just fell for the act like all those old superstitious sorts back in the day when this routine was actually popular.

He tried to tell Rex that this was all fake, that he wasn’t actually hypnotized and that they could all go home, but to Ironwill’s vexation, he found that he didn’t say any of that. He didn’t turn his head to face the drooling giant behind him. He didn’t laugh at the man’s attempt of mesmerism. He didn’t even open his lips to start to to say the words that were on his mind. He didn’t do any of these things because he suddenly found that he couldn’t. The mocking smile that he had worn on his lips mere moments before had dissipated into a smile of actual pleasure. Ironwill even felt the beginnings of drool begin to seep out of the sides of his mouth, making him the perfect match for his friend behind him. The hero noticed that he couldn’t remove his eyes from the crystal now, no matter how hard he tried. His eyes found it captivating, nearly magnetizing, like an optical illusion or a dazzling light show. He simply couldn’t manage to peel his eyes away.

All the while the man behind the crystal was uttering his rhetoric, dated jargon about “being under his power” and “obeying his command,” but to Ironwill’s horror, he felt that it was sinking in. His subconscious mind was soaking it up like a sponge, and he found the old, villainous slogans bouncing around in his head like a catchy jingle. They would assault his concentration as intrusive thoughts, derailing his concentration and leaving him to be able to do nothing but stare at the crystal and listen to more of the man’s vintage brainwashing.

That’s what he called himself, Vintage. He kept referring to himself in the third person, first as Vintage and then as “Master” or “Master Vintage”. To a degree Ironwill realized that he was trying to signal as to how he wished Ironwill should refer to him. Ironwill thought it was all bologna, but of course his subconscious ate it up. He listened Vintage inform him that he was a dumb brute, possibly using “Brute” as Ironwill’s new intended name, just like the simple “Lug” behind him. Vintage told him that he was “Master,” and that “Brute” was to let him do all the thinking from now on. Ironwill was told that everything else, he identity as a hero and all his superfluous intelligence, was nothing but refuse now. It was to be siphoned off as so much sewer water to somewhere it could be handled and disposed of, and though Ironwill scoffed at the idea, Vintage suggested that an ideal place for all that refuse to go was his cock.

Ironwill was greatly alarmed to feel his genitals engorge as Vintage told him how good it felt to feel his intelligence and former self feed his pleasurable erection like fuel to the fire. He felt Rex behind him, still rubbing the wet remains of his intellect smearing across the back of his head, yet Ironwill was helpless to feel his smarts fade with every throb, every spare dribble of precum. It was all becoming collected in his cock, and there was little he could do about it. Vintage told him not to worry, though. He said he’d treat Brute to a good fuck too after he was done with Lug, a thought that brought brought Ironwill right to the edge. He was going to cum!

Then there was a flash of light, interrupting vintage for just a moment, an opportunity that Ironwill took advantage of to come to his senses. He shook his head, drooling smile fading and eyes regaining their vigor. With a jerk he freed himself from Rex’s grasp, as he too was surprised by the flash, and jumped free of both their reach. He looked down to see that he was still half-erect and the crotch of his outfit was a marked by small dots of precum, but he was sure he was definitely in his own senses. That’s what he assumed, at least, until he looked towards the origin of the flash. Then he doubted his senses a little.

Before him was Dissonance. The surprising part of his appearance, besides the upswing in his teleportations for the day, was the fact that his entirely nude. His slim athletic body was on display for all to see, and he wasn’t alone. Two men stood on either side of Dissonance, one with his cock in the young man’s mouth and the other in his ass. All parties seemed to be greatly enjoying themselves too. They were all so engrossed in the task at hand that they hadn’t even noticed their change in locale. Vintage didn’t seem to care, however.

“Hey, guys!” he called to the groaning bunch.

Their pleasure-clamped eyes opened and took in their surroundings. The one enjoying Dissonance’s rear observed the new scenery, took stock of the new audience, and simply shrugged before returning to his pleasure. A shocked part of Ironwill supposed that there was a good chance that Dissonance’s ass was too good to give up. The man fucking the young hero’s mouth saw Vintage and removed himself from the suckling orifice, and with it no longer stoppered, Dissonance loud moans echoed throughout the park.

“Vintage, buddy!” he gregariously greeted, striding towards Vintage with his erect cock still on display. “I didn’t know that you came all the way down here!”

“How could I not?” Vintage scoffed. “It’s an all you can eat buffet and a really great party you got going here, Aromaster.”


All head turned towards Ironwill before he could stop the exclamation from leaving his mouth. Even Rex’s dumb and drooling smile, Dissonance’s pleasure-wracked features, and the aloof man fucking him regarded the astonished hero, and it was then that Ironwill started to feel outnumbered.

“Who is he?” Aromaster asked, analytical eyes never leaving Ironwill.

“I don’t honestly know,” Vintage answered. “He just came on the tail of Lug here after I sent him to fetch refreshments. I know the announcements said only one per villain, but he was very tenacious.”

“So is he under for you?” further prodded Aromaster as his eyes continued to roam.

“It was close,” Vintage said with a smile, “but I think he just barely escaped. You know these heroic types.”

“Yes,” Aromaster agreed with a chuckle. “He’s probably already getting the idea to save the day for everyone. Too bad no one here wants that, right everyone?”

“Na- ah!” moaned Dissonance. “I’m Master Allure’s now- oh!”

“No way!” grunted the man that must’ve been “Allure”.

“”Course not,” chuckled Vintage.

“Uh, uh,” Rex stupidly intoned.

“It’s all settled then,” Aromaster concluded, stepping closer to Ironwill. “Everyone either wants a super-powered sex slave or is a super-powered sex slave, and you’re the odd one out… for now.”

“No,” Ironwill stammered in disbelief. “No, the league will stop you.”

“Stop me?” Aromaster chuckled again. “Who do you think helped for me to arrange for this little get together? The league’s leaders now make up my own little harem. They sent out the emergency signal on my orders.”

“Why?” Ironwill gasped.

“Because I didn’t want to have all the fun,” Aromaster explained within arm’s reach of the hero, “and I wanted to share some of the love with my other underrated mesmerizing brothers in arms. We hypnotic villains are often scoffed at in the more dubious circles, so I suppose I wanted to show them all up for a change.

“After all, how many of them can claim to have a superhero as their bitch?”

When Ironwill smelled it, he knew it was already too late. The Aromaster was one of the few villains that graced the league’s top ten list of dangerous criminals without ever being caught. He was far too crafty, and worse, his powers were exceptionally strang and always growing stronger. The villain had forgone the traditional costumed affair and instead chose to be clothed in only a well-worn, sleeveless undershirt, a “wife-beater”, and leather pants. The reason for this distinct wardrobe choice was the fact that it best assisted his powers to build and be easily administered to his victims, the dubious power of hypnotic musk.

It didn’t sound like much. A villain with a smell that entranced people was hardly something that belonged on a top-ten list, right? He can’t bring people under his control from a distance and can’t affect people remotely, but what he lacks in versatility he more than made up for in efficiency. Most heroes, being apt in hand-to-hand combat were likely to get well within his radius of effect before they realized their mistake, and by then it would be too late. Once you’re affected by Aromaster’s musk, that’s it. There is no cure. No one had ever resisted it. After you smelled his secretion, you were under his control.

Part of what made Aromaster so infamous is how many previous A-list heroes he’s retired in his short career as a villain. He’d encountered Howler when Aromaster robbed his first bank. The hero had possessed unparalleled strength, feral reaction instincts, and hyper-attuned senses that ended up being his downfall. He was charmed by Aromaster’s scent before he’d even entered the bank to stop the villain. He marched into the like a zombie from a fifties’ movie. He came out naked and acting like dog, panting and barking the whole time the barricaded cops were grilling him for information as to what had happened in there. He hasn’t walked on two legs since that day, and he still needs a league handler to take him out to “go potty”.

Next there’d been Swift Knight, a superhero that’d been particularly popular for his swarthy personality and enviable bulk despite his powers of speed. He’d been investigating Aromaster, looking for the villain’s hideout or area of operation. Aromaster had been almost completely random in the choosing of his marks, and Swift Knight had sought a pattern to track him down and be the victorious showboat he normally was. That was his plan, at least, until he disappeared for a week. While most of the league feared the worst, some of them had held out the hope that he’d simply found Aromaster and was working undercover. Whatever happened, Swift Knight eventually showed back up two hundred pound heavier and incapable of doing anything but eat. The league had to set up special accommodations to insure his ceaseless appetite was satiated literally every second of every day. Last Ironwill had heard, they’d just aimed a conveyor belt of food at his mouth. Designating “feeders” just made peoples’ arms tired.

His last victim had been the most crushing blow, Razorback. He’d been the league’s founder and leader and saw Aromaster as a formidable danger to heroes everywhere. The villain had been growing bolder with each passing crime, each more extravagant and blatant than the previous one, but Razorback had cautioned the entire league to keep their distance until they’d developed a plan on how to deal with the blooming nemesis. That’s when the challenge came. Aromaster wanted to fight Razorback one on one. The rest of the League advised him against it, but the stoic hero insisted that it was the safest way. Razorback, armed with his unmatched plethora of powers, went into combat with the villain and left a double-digit IQ, slobbish, cum-soaked pig with an insatiable hunger for cock. The league set him up in a nice, secluded gay bar far away from prying eyes, and the members of the league still have trouble talking about it.

Now Ironwill smelled it. It was a pungent scent, but he was surprised by the depth it offered in complexity. He remembered the smell of his high school locker room, the indescribably odoriferous and headache-inducing amalgamation of stenches combining to create a tidal wave of stink, and in a way Ironwill had always imagined that Aromaster’s infamous musk would most closely resemble that. In actuality it was much stronger yet much subtler, like the smell of vanilla tickling his olfactory palate yet clearly discernible. Instead of the smell of vanilla though, Ironwill’s nose picked up the tickle of Aromaster’s subtle, strong scent.

In an instant Ironwill’s entire consciousness imploded as if it had never existed. He howled as he experienced the most pleasurable orgasm of his life, wracking his entire being with a pleasure he’d never known and drenching the crotch of his uniform with a shot glass full of cum. His eyes crossed. His head flipped back, pushed back by the pure sensation of euphoria. All intelligent thought crumbled, and all that remained was insatiable adoration for Master’s musk. All other goals forsaken, Ironwill scrambled for Master, madly snorting at the man’s armpits, and Aromaster, being familiar with his thrall’s reaction by now, coyly lifted his arms to allow the fallen hero better purchase.

“My, you’re a shooter,” Aromaster purred as he felt Ironwill worship his underarm. “I haven’t seen a man paint his trousers white that well since ol’ Razor Pig. Now, he was a fun one.”

Ironwill paid Master’s words little mind. They weren’t orders, and his simple mind couldn’t handle anything that wasn’t orders right now.

“To think,” Aromaster continued musing, “that I’ve already defeated the might Razorback, the league’s leader and most likely the strongest of the bunch, and reduced him to a sniveling, gay pig begging for cock out in the middle of nowhere.

“I’d originally thought that it was maybe just luck or that the whole of the league’s upper echelon would pose more of a threat, yet I just waltzed right into the headquarters and took what I wanted. I degraded them all in their own special little way, and I threw a party to celebrate my victory.

“What do you think of it?” Aromaster asked, taking Ironwill by the jaw and yanking him to come face to face with his new master. “What do you think of your Master’s party?”

Ironwill snorted stupidly, cross-eyed and his entire face rank with Aromaster’s pit stench. Aromaster couldn’t help but chuckle at the pathetic display.

“I love it so much, Master!” the former hero excitedly snorted in exclamation. “I love it, and I love you, and I love your smell! Oh god, Master! Please let me worship you m-”

Ironwill’s pleading was cut short by Aromaster returning him to his place with a forceful jamming of the hero’s face back into the villain’s armpit. The snorting continued with increased vigor, and Aromaster felt a tongue frantically licking away to extract the beautiful taste of his musk from his armpit hairs. Aromaster smiled at the back of the hero’s head. He was quite eager as well as a shooter. Perhaps he could condition the man to be a dopey, virile breeder, ensuring that his other slaves were cared for while Aromaster was away. The slave probably would still huff the pits of the guys he fucked though, and he’d be utterly submissive to Aromaster of course.

“Humper” had a nice ring to it.

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  1. Evan

    April 30, 2019 at 2:23 am

    Utterly magnificent!
    The storytelling, the mind control and conversion. Loved it!


  2. Master Villain

    October 12, 2019 at 6:04 pm

    This was an incredible read!! I’m so sorry that I hadn’t gotten to read it til now, but this is absolutely as good as I could have imagined. Thank you so much for fulfilling my request!


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