Fitness Club

Dead Meat

“Something involving diapers and bullying!! Maybe add a twist like one of the bullies being in diapers!”


Kar panted as he raced towards the locker room, panic racing through his mind at the same break-neck speed. He had come to his college of choice on an exclusive full ride scholarship for his aptitude in the track and field variety of sports, having a particular penchant for shot put, yet he also had developed the chronic habit of being late for practice as of recently. The last time he was tardy upon his arrival to track the coach warned him that his scholarship was in jeopardy. If an athlete on his team was late or absent too many times, Coach Wismer was known to report the ineffective member to the board. He was known to call the offending party “dead weight,” earning Kar the premature nickname from the rest of the team the first time he was late from class.

Kar was never known to be late before his time in college though. In fact, the canine skunk had enjoyed a reputation for polite punctuality at his high school. He was always in his seat by the time the bell rang, he was on the field when practice started, and Kar could often be found at any good party early, earning him a reputation as a party starter. It was only by the most bizarre circumstances that the athlete ever found himself late to practice. His last professor had kept him after the bell on the first day, claiming that someone had expressed concern for Kar’s special needs. After conveying that he had none and that there must have been some misunderstanding, he found himself late to join the rest of the team. He ran a mile around the track afterwards as penance.

The next day Kar was the first to leave his class, bolting out the door just as the bell rang. Unfortunately, a school counselor was waiting for him at the door. The older Saint Bernard insisted that they stepped aside to a quiet, unattended portion of the hall where he asked Kar if he was adjusting well to college life and if he’d need any special accommodations. Kar, baffled at this peculiarly sensitive treatment, asked for the reason behind the questioning, and the counselor omitted that a few of Kar’s classmates had expressed concern for him and a possible condition he had. The student reiterated that no such exceptions were necessary, and rushed to the locker room as fast as his legs could carry him. He was greeted by a disappointed Coach Wismer. Kar ran three miles that day and was warned that the coach ran a very tight “three strikes and you’re out” policy. If the canine skunk was late for practice just once more he’d be going home to explain how he lost his scholarship.

Kar’s skate shoes slapped against the campus pavement, heaving breaths echoing off the nearby walls. Students just being released from class only saw a streak of aqua and black as the large bulk of muscle zoomed past. Kar had taken the initiative and asked the professor of his last class if he could be released just a little bit early. The confused, aged elephant relayed an intentionally vague and innocuous inquiry as to whether or not this had to do with the problem he had discussed with Kar at the beginning of the week, and without thinking, Kar said yes. He was hastily dismissed, leaving the large professor to appear much more flustered than Kar despite his attempts to hide it and normally continue with the lecture. Kar didn’t even notice the professor’s intriguing reaction, throwing himself through the halls of the school with reckless abandon. By the time the canine skunk reached the front doors of the locker room his fur was drenched in sweat. He panted like a whore in heat and grinned just as broad. By his approximation, Kar assumed that he was not only on-time but also ahead of time. It was quite likely that he was even the first member of the team present. A victorious smile was still plastered across his mug when he moved to open the door only to find that he couldn’t open it. Kar’s smile faltered. He pushed and he pulled, yet it wouldn’t budge. A feeling of panic began to intrude into Kar’s mind as he became very aware of the precious seconds he spent trying to get in and drove him to bang on the door.

“Hello?” Kar hollered at the top of his lungs between gasps. “Can someone let me in?”

“What’s the password?” a mocking voice called back from the other side of the door.

Kar rolled his eyes.

“Har har, guys,” the young athlete answered in a tone of frustration. “Now let me in.”

“Nah, I don’t think we should,” came another voice, this one bearing a more serious edge to it than the one before.

“What the hell?” Kar muttered to himself before giving the door a few more aggressive shakes. “What the fuck, guys?”

“Will you look at this punk?” a new, booming voice joined the growing collection on the other side of the door. “He thinks he actually deserves to be in here.”

“Well, I’m part of the team, ain’t I?” Kar called back.

“Yes,” answered the serious voice. “You are, yet you’ve been late twice on your very first week. Coach is one more tardy away from canning you, and we’re not so sure that it wouldn’t be the best idea for the team as a whole.”

Kar was stunned at the statement. His team was actually debating dropping him, mutinously sabatoging him so that he’d be unable to play? He never would’ve considered the notion. They had all seemed so friendly and welcoming when he’d first arrived. They showed him around the campus, introduced him to all their friends, and even had him join a party in one of their dorms. Now they wanted him gone after only two accidental moments of tardiness.

“Guys, look, I’m sorry, okay?” Kar began to plead. “I’m usually not-”

“We ain’t interested in your excuses, punk,” came the deep, booming voice again.

“Really, what sort of promise do we have that you won’t come late again anyway?” continued the serious voice.

“I came early today!” I interjected. “That should count for something!”

There was a pause. Kar heard whispers on the other side of the door, and pressed his tentative canine ear against the door to better divine what was being said. The conversation was heavily distorted and muddled through the thick metal door, and all he could make out was the occasional “dead weight” being thrown about, sending a chill down Kar’s spine. The athlete removed his ear from the door and was about to further debate the issue in the accusing party’s silence, yet he was interrupted by the booming voice from the other side.

“A’ight, we have an idea for ya,” he began. “We’ll let you in and forget about your first two days.”

“But,” the mocking, braying voice that Kar had first heard now cut in, “You need to do as we say, dead weight. When we say, ‘Jump,’ you’ll ask, ‘How high?’”

“Just until we can be sure we can trust you,” the serious voice added. “Think of it as a second audition for the team by the team.”

Kar didn’t like the idea. It gave the team too much power over him, and he didn’t know that they’d keep their word. Heck, he wasn’t even sure if these three even spoke with the authority of the entire team. Kar did realize on what a precarious position he sat, however, and he knew it only took one person on the other side of the door to see to it that Kar was late to practice for the third time, leading to his expulsion from the team. For now it seemed that his best option was to make as many people as happy as possible concerning the team, and right now it seemed that meant becoming someone else’s bitch.

“Fine,” Kar hesitantly answered. “Your guys’ wish is my command. Now can you open the damn door?”

The lock on large metal door clicked before the metallic slab creaked open like something out of a black and white monster movie. Kar dashed inside, smiling despite himself for his victory over the clock, and came face to face with the three voices of whom he’d made a pact with. The first that he saw had a long snout and a coy set of pearly white grinning mockingly at him. Kar identified the donkey jock as Cory in less than a minute. He’d been one of the most prominent members of the team he’d during his time here largely because Cory was friends with nearly everyone. He was an affable personality that often went out of his way to be popular with nearly everyone, especially at parties. Kar had heard that the donkey also had quite a history with courting mischief and playing practical jokes, often earning him the title of class clown. He’d nearly been expelled twice, once for each year he’d attended, but everyone knew that as long as his uncle was also one of the most financially magnanimous members of the school’s board that people would continue to see Cory out on the track bounding over hurdles.

Behind Cory stood a tall, imposing, and muscular figure that Kar very nearly didn’t make out amid the dim lighting of the locker room’s entryway. Jeremiah was a particularly heighty panther even among most pole vaulters. He always stood out among a crowd, and Kar recalled him standing a head above everyone else at the party he’d gone to. Besides his towering form though, Jeremiah possessed a form not unlike most pole vaulters. His distinctly pronounced upper body muscles, formed from acrobatically maneuvering atop the giant pole, bulged from beneath his form-fitting athletic top, and his similarly sleek, black shorts did little to hide his impressive leg muscles he used to gain momentum before the jump. He was quite the specimen in a lineup, and one would imagine that he was quite popular with the ladies. He seemed the quiet sort though, more prone to spending time by himself instead of with others. Whenever he was with the rest of the team he didn’t chat or mingle much, save for putting people in their place when they became too mouthy with a deserved “punk.” The senior was definitely the designated team heavy, yet he never seemed unfair or particularly harsh in his judgement. Kar could guess why he’d become a matter of attention for the large feline.

Lastly there was the team sprinter, David. The antelope didn’t measure particularly tall, nor was he particularly charismatic, but he was a favorite of professors in most classrooms due to his driven nature and enviable focus. David was one of those rare hometown hero sort of stories, and had it not been for his full ride scholarship, he’d probably still be back at home, something that Kar could relate with. Unlike Kar though, who had mostly relied on his physical prowess to achieve a higher education, David pushed himself to be the valedictorian at his high school. He achieved nothing but A’s in all of his classes and was a participant in a majority of the school’s extracurricular activities. Every required class that the antelope took was traded for an advanced level substitute to count towards college credit, and by the time David graduated, he had earned enough academic prestige to be offered scholarships from multiple schools. He looked to be the least certain as to what he was requiring of Kar, yet he also seemed to be the ringleader of it all.

“It’s not that we want to see you fail, Kar,” he explained with a guilt-ridden tone that betrayed his confident, stern expression. “Far from it, in fact. We would like to see you succeed, but we also can’t let you drag the team down with you if you continue to fail us like this.”

“That’s why yer gonna be our bitch!” Cory let out a cackling bray before a sharp slap from the backside of the head cut him short. “Hey!”

“Don’t be a punk,” Jeremiah aloofly growled.

Cory seemed abated by his teammate’s rebuff, though he crossed his arms in dissatisfaction. He clearly wanted to take full, childish advantage of his power over another person. Kar found himself relieved that David was in charge of the group, not Cory, and he even found the antelope’s reasoning sound.

“I understand,” Kar confidently intoned with a nod. “It won’t happen again. I swear.”

“We know,” David assured, “but I’m afraid we can’t let you off that easily.”

Kar’s brow furrowed.

“For the next three days we’ll be watching you,” the antelope continued to explain. “Think of us as your handlers during that time. We’ll be seeing that you keep out of trouble, act responsibility, and make good on your promise.”

David pointed to Cory.

“He’ll watch you tomorrow.”

Cory greeted Kar’s gaze with a devilish smirk. David then pointed to the large, black panther behind him.

“Jeremiah will be watching you through Friday.”

He gave Kar a slow, confident nod.

“And I’ll take care of you on Saturday,” David finished by pointing to himself. “If you manage to do everything we say and make it to practice on all three days in a row, you can count yourself a permanent member of the team.”

Kar nodded in agreement, and so it was that the deal was struck. The team went about their practice normally, Coach commended Kar for making it on time today, and the newest student even began to feel a sense of belonging among his team. He was nervous about what the trio might have in store for him tomorrow, especially considering the authority of the day was going to be Cory, but the fruits of today were still sweet. Kar’s outlook on life was sunny, and he went back to his dorm to finish some homework and sleep exceptionally well.

Then came the next morning.

“Wake up!”

Kar rolled over in his bed.

“Wake up!”

Kar covered his head with a pillow.

“Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!”

A braying laughter echoed in the skunk-hybrid’s sleep addled mind as the covers were flung off of his body. The morning’s cold embrace chilled his body, causing the poor disgruntled jock to curl his nearly nude, muscular form into a fetal position. The laughing only became louder at the sight of Kar, only wearing his boxers, doing this with his head still beneath a pillow.

“Alright,” the familiar, braying voice relinquished. “You can stay in bed, but you sure won’t be staying on the team…”

Kar sprung out of bed with a scared expression on his face. Now that he stood he saw that it was Cory’s grinning mug that had been jeering at him, his unique guffaw still boisterously filling the room. Kar glanced to his bedside alarm clock to see why his alarm hadn’t gone off before the day’s contractual guardian had arrived to find that his clock had been unplugged. The skunk-dog groaned. Cory mockingly laughed. The donkey was already dressed, clad in his usual pair of basketball shorts and loose tank top, the latter of which revealed an excess of the jock’s body through the gaping armholes.

“There ya are, sleepy head!” Cory chuckled at his own benign little joke before briefly glancing down. “Happy to see me?”

Kar moved my gaze to the floor to see that my boxers, tight to begin with, were also tenting in the front from a morning wood. Kar quickly hurried to hide the indecency behind his paws, but he found them swatted away.

“Nah,” the donkey mockingly brayed. “I like seeing watcha really think of me, dead weight. I find it flattering that you have such a high opinion of me.”

“It’s not you,” Kar hissed in protest, his face turning a cherry red from embarrassment. “It’s just morning wood.”

“Morning wood?” Cory laughed even louder. “What are ya? A fuckin’ tween?”

“Shudup,” the blushing athlete mumbled in protest.

Cory’s hand shot towards Kar’s maw just as he finished saying the words. He froze, staring into the donkey’s eyes, shocked at the sudden movement. The erection stiffened a bit in his boxers.

“I don’t like your tone, dead weight,” Cory chided with a devilish smile. “I want a, “sorry,” or lif will start getting harder for you right off the bat.”

Kar rolled his eyes and began to scoff before remembering what the asinine equine was holding over his head. I scared expression came into the grappled student’s eyes and his muth began to quiver just a bit as the insane reality of the situation began to set in. He was going to be connected at the hip to this maniac all day. Kar was going to be the class clown’s bitch.

“I- I’m sorry,” Kar stammered out, more than a little stunned and troubled at the jovial donkey’s dominant air.

Cory snickered.

“Good,” he said as he removed his firm hand from Kar. “You passed the first of many tests, grasshopper. You’re learning who’s in charge.”

Kar didn’t like the sound of what Cory was saying, but it occurred to him that Cory wasn’t incorrect. In fact, it worried him how much more Cory now scared him after seeing just how dominant the ass could be while still being his usual, repugnant self. Kar was ordered to get dressed, and as he did so, he attempted to calm himself. It was only going to be one day, right? It surely couldn’t be too bad. Granted, Cory was a jerk when he was in charge, but it could be just as possible that he was just hard to get to know. Maybe this little exercise would help Kar bond with his new teammate in the long-run. Kar had very nearly regained his positivity when, as he was putting on his pants, Cory stopped him with a firm hand on the shoulder.

“What do you think you’re doing?” the donkey asked with pointed ambiguity and his droll smile.

“Putting on my pants,” Kar answered obviously.

“But what are those?” Cory asked, pointing at Kar’s boxers, still slightly tenting.

“My underwear?”

“Lose ‘em,” Cory simply commanded.

Kar was perplexed at the command, but fixed on not aggravating his teammate again, he complied. The canine’s engorged member came into view with an upward bounce, and Cory took a pointed interest in the phallus. To Kar’s dismay, he’d only grown more aroused since he’d begun getting dressed, and now his erection was oozing precumm from the tip. As confused as the jock was by this development, Cory found it hilarious.

“God, are you dripping?” he guffawed. “You really are a freakin’ kid!”

The blush began to return to Kar’s face as Cory turned to rifle through a bag that he’d brought with him.

“Well, since that’s the case, I guess you won’t mind wearing these as long as I’m in charge of you.”

Cory pulled a white parcel from the bag and presented it to Kar. In the donkey’s hand was a large, white diaper. Kar’s eyebrows shot up.

“You’ve got to be joking,” Kar questioned in exasperation, despite his cock inexplicably jumping at the prospect.

Cory glanced down to see the sexual reaction of his victim and smirked before simply and firmly answering, “No.”

It took an entirety of ten minutes to get Kar diapered. He knew better than to argue with Cory at this point, knowing that the donkey was quite intent on having his way, yet the whole notion was quite perplexing to Kar. When he was handed the diaper he regarded it as if it was a physical representation of rocket science. He hadn’t worn one since he was very young, and he’d never diapered any children once he grew out of them. He clumsily unraveled the garment, attempting to wrap it around his buttocks and nearly falling over in the process, his pants still grappled around his ankles. When he finally sorted out as to how the diaper fit around his person, ignoring Cory’s uproarious and braying laughter,  he encountered a problem in the shape of an erect penis. No matter how he tried to arrange it, the diaper simply couldn’t fit over his cock while it was growing only shamefully more erect. It wasn’t until Kar had the idea to lift his dick upward, the throbbing length burping up precum onto his stomach fur, that the diaper could be taped into place.

Cory pointed and jeered endlessly at Kar’s comic appearance. The large jock’s figure and musculature was entirely undercut by the large, puffy, infantile diaper loosely clinging to his waist and slumped off to one side due to a poor job of adhering the tapes. Kar didn’t care about how well his instrument of humiliation was equipped, but really it only helped to further make his visage irrefutably hysterical. His still-throbbing cock didn’t help matters either, tugging at the loose waistband with an audible crinkle upon every pleasurable pulse. The underside of his chiseled six pack was slathered with precum by the time he’d applied the diaper, and now a small stream of cock snot dribbled into the absorbent padding. When the jock was finally given permission to pull up his pants, Cory was wheezing between commands. He only laughed even harder when Kar became aware that the jeans he’d chosen to wear didn’t entirely hide the diaper either. A clear outline of Kar’s imposed undergarments were visible through the denim, causing the canine skunk to groan in frustration.

“C- C’mon, dead meat,” Cory managed to stammer out between giggles, wiping away tears of laughter. “Let’s get you to class.”

The walk was an exercise in confidence, yet Kar somehow couldn’t seem to find it when he thought upon the large, infantile garment hiding just beneath his pants. Every step he took came with a crinkling noise that Kar was certain that everyone in the nearby vicinity could hear. It didn’t matter that, in reality, no one had noticed anything out of the ordinary. Kar was certain they had. As a result, the normally outgoing and self-assured jock minced across the campus with noticeably tiny, waddling steps to avoid the dreaded crinkly sound. Instead of greeting the friends and acquaintances that passed him in the halls, he hid behind a chuckling Cory at every opportunity. His donkey escort didn’t mind. In fact, he took pleasure in seeing the Kar make a total ass of himself, and had been planning for this reaction. It was amusing to see Kar acting so strangely, and other people noticed the canine skunk’s odd behavior as well. By the time the pair arrived at Kar’s first class of the morning, rumors were already starting to spread and questions were being asked. Why was Kar acting weird? Was he okay? Was something wrong?

Cory planned to take advantage of those questions by the end of the day.

Presently, Kar was halted before entering the classroom by a gray-maned lion. Professor Houndstooth was a masculine character, despite his middle-agedness, and took good care of his physique having been proud to serve as an athlete at the college many years before. He was a kind man, a favorite among students for being charismatic as well as understanding of their plights. Houndstooth carried a degree in social sciences that he was happy to utilize to assist those in need, so he often kept track of each of his students’ individualized needs, organizing the other professors to help freshman students burdened by any sort of unavoidable circumstance. A person could tell when he was preparing to help a student by the way his tail would flick to and fro, signalling that the professor was putting his problem-solving skills and degree to work. As Kar was taken aside in the hallway he noticed the way Professor Houndstooth’s tail twisted back and forth. Looking over his shoulder, Kar saw Cory give him a devilish smile before continuing to his own class.

“Kar, it’s very good to see you,” Houndstooth spoke to him in his deep, velveteen voice. “Are you doing okay?”

“Y- Yeah?” Kar stammered, not knowing what new aspect of this donkey-constructed hell he was wandering into.

“Good,” Houndstooth continued in a hushed tone. “I know that you sometimes have trouble making it to places… on time, so it’s good to see that your friend helped you. It was very good of him to tell me of your medical issues as well, but I’d hope that you personally might be a little more forthcoming with me in the future.”

Houndstooth placed a comforting hand on Kar’s shoulder.

“I understand that these issues are hard to work through and harder to ask for help for, but let me assure you that I spoke to the entire staff about your condition and we’re all ready and prepared to help.”

Kar was rather confused until Houndstooth gave a spare, regretful glance at the crotch of Kar’s jeans. Then it all clicked. His heart froze. His felt his skin turn white.

Professor Houndstooth knew.

And now, apparently the rest of the staff of the entire school did too.

“Your friend suggested that you might need assistance with your… care,” Houndstooth continued as Kar attempted to stifle his tears of shock and shame, barely managing to keep it together, “so me and the rest of your teachers have collected supplies in case such a situation arises. Just raise your hand, mention needing help, and any one of us will escort you to our private office, okay?”

Kar didn’t know what to say. Apparently Cory had been busy, and now it seemed that all of his teachers saw what he knew to be a day-long punishment as a medical condition. Every one of his teachers thought that he was incontinent. Kar simply nodded, and Professor Houndstooth said nothing more. He gave his student a hug though, strong and comforting, upon seeing the tears in Kar’s eyes, and being wrapped in the older man’s strong arms did make him feel better somehow. Upon Houndstooth relinquishing Kar to return to the classroom though, the jock entered to find an audience of eyes fixated on him. With horror, Kar realized that he’d been talking in hushed tones with the professor just outside of the classroom as all of the other students had been filing in. They had each probably seen him tearing up, and if they hadn’t, they now saw his wide eyes still red and puffy from crying. What was worse, some of them might’ve even overheard what he and Houndstooth had been talking about.

Mortified, Kar slicked to his chair with his newfound, waddling pace and attempted to attract as little attention as possible for the rest of the class. Professor Houndstooth had entered shortly after Kar did and apologized for the delay, but cast a special eye in Kar’s direction for the rest of the morning. This was a pattern that was repeated for the rest of Kar’s classes as well. Each of the faculty took special care to keep an eye on poor Kar, and the more that he payed attention, the more he noticed the exceptions. His math professor had lit candles in the room to mask any suspicious odors. The history professor reseated Kar next to the door “in case he had to go.” An English professor even so far as to clear his entire desk as if preparing to lay someone across in an emergency situation. Kar was startled and shocked by the sudden changes at first, but the more he had time to think about it, the more he found the simple alterations to facilitate his perceived needs quite sweet, albeit misguided.

Kar was smiling again by the time he arrived at his last class and had nearly recaptured his sense of confidence. Though he wasn’t as extroverted as usual with people in the halls and he still waddled a little due to the gait of the diaper, Kar had largely returned to normal. He was even beginning to see humor in the day-long prank that his teammate had submitted him to. The jock was very nearly ready to consider water under the bridge when he heard giggling behind him. Kar cocked his head to see to students pointing at him before hurriedly returning to their notes once they saw him looking. He turned back around in his seat and saw another student across the classroom fixedly staring at him before similarly rushing to look at his desk. Kar began to wonder what was going on when the professor loudly cleared his throat. The jock turned to see the elephant at the front of the room pluck a paper from a monkey’s desk.

“And what do we have here that your friend thought was so important to tell you?” the professor asked as he unfurled what looked to be a folded piece of notepaper. “‘So he shits himself?’”

Kar felt his heart stop for the second time that day as all the eyes in the classroom, save for the ones reading the note, turned to him.

“I may be old,” the elephant spoke with a stern, level voice that betrayed his misunderstanding of the situation, “but I do not ‘shit’ myself.”

The professor tossed the note over his shoulder.

“Do you think this is funny?” he indignantly asked the monkey.

“N- No,” the monkey stammered in response.

“Then why did you write it?” the elephant further interrogated.

“It- Uh- It wasn’t ‘bout you.”

The monkey spoke haltingly and uneasily, pointed looking at his desk.

“Then who was it about?” the professor demanded, slamming a fist onto the desk he was so keenly focusing on..

To his credit, the student didn’t say a word. However, when the fist was slammed onto his desk, the monkey sat bolt upright and jolted to face Kar. It was a subconscious act. Through tears of embarrassment in his eyes, Kar saw the guilt and regret on the monkey’s face as soon as he saw Kar. The jock, in the span of a few seconds, had utterly lost all confidence and joviality that he had gained in the last few hours. His entire face was now bright red. He was crouched down in his seat like an animal curling up to die. His cheeks were stained from the few spare tears he couldn’t help to restrain. Kar had never felt so embarrassed in his entire life as he had been in that classroom.

The moment that the professor realized what had happened, he himself blushed from the base of his trunk to the tips of his elephantine ears before mumbling, “Class dismissed.”

Kar raced out of the classroom before anyone else had even risen from their seats. Just as he had before, Kar sprinted through the hallways, narrowly dodging other students as he passed by. He was half blinded by his tears, making running as fast as he was a dangerous prospect, but he didn’t care. He was openly sobbing now. The students he passed saw a face embarrassed anguish as he wailed by. The jock didn’t stop until he was all the way back to his dorm. He slammed the door shut behind him, locked it, and collapsed onto the floor in a bawling mess. The time for practice came and went without his embarkation. He didn’t even get up off of the floor until it was an hour too late to make it. He still didn’t care though. His reputation at this school was entirely destroyed. Even if he did make for a successful, on-time member of the team, he’d surely be rejected from the scholarship program for his sudden depreciation in public value.

Kar eventually rose from the floor, eyes puffy and red all over again. He idly meandered over to the bathroom, coveting a warm shower after the days hard endeavours. He stripped his clothes piece by piece until he came at last to the trivial undergarments that had brought him so much trouble today. In looking at them, he found an interesting surprise. At some point during the day, whether it was during one of the numerous scares or the intense session of crying, Kar’s bladder had given out without his knowing. The diaper around his waist was utterly drenched and tinged a distinctive yellow color. A simple whiff revealed the faintest odour of urine as well, confirming the shocked canine’s findings. He had actually peed himself. He had pissed his diapers, and upon realizing, Kar’s cock began to stir from within the padding.

Numb after the event of the day, Kar simply watched as his cock, under the diaper’s thickly padded crotch, grew to full length. It began throbbing and pulsating, and all the while Kar’s mind repeatedly wandered back to the fact that he had pissed his diapers. He, a big and strong jock, had used his diapers as if he was nothing more than an infant. He had about the same control of his bladder as a child that still had trouble counting to five, and yet here he was at college pretending to be an adult. Kar mused on how pathetic that made him sound and how hard it made his aching erection.

Kar tore off each of the tapes of the diaper, one after another with fingers shaking in anticipation, to reveal that his engorged cock was already leaking pre. Never had he been this aroused before, and never had his throbbing member felt so good. Acting on instinct, Kar seized his hand around the cock, slowly encircling it at the base before sliding to the tip. He gasped at the pleasure, unfamiliar with the intensity of his newly impassioned libido. He slowly rubbed his erection, coaxing out the intense pleasure with thoughts of how pitiful it was that he’d actually used his diaper without even realizing it. He reflected on how all of his professors had watched him like a preschool teacher watches a toddler. He thought on how Cory had mocked him for being so horny, as if he was only just becoming familiar with the changes in his body from childhood to becoming a real man.

His cock throbbed intensely as he thought those words, “real man.” Was he even a real man? He was letting everyone watch and take care of him. His own teammates had to intervene to make sure he behaved. He had even had a startling regression in potty training for no explicable reason other than perhaps Kar wasn’t the man he thought himself to be. Maybe the team was right. Maybe he needed other “real men” to help him out. Maybe he was a “bitch.” Maybe he was a “punk.” Maybe he was “dead meat.”

Kar’s knees buckled at the thought. As an intense pleasure wracked his entire body, the jock fell to the bathroom floor. The diaper that Kar had been clinging to with his off-hand was released in the sensation and hit the ground with a wet flop. He landed on his side, moaning in euphoria, only to have the cry become muffled as Kar’s face landed squarely in the urine soaked diaper. The canine writhed as his cock shot several large loads onto the laminate floor, his twisting form unknowingly spreading the seed at the throes of ecstasy.

Afterwards it took Kar several minutes to reclaim his senses from the sweet, urine scented darkness of euphoria. He eventually lifted his face out from the groin of the piss soaked diaper that he’d been so comfortably nestled in. He wiped up his excretions, took his warm shower, and was about to casually toss the used diaper into the garbage when he paused to regard the garment. He looked the thing over, still warm from his fluids. On a whim, he gave the thing one more sniff. His limp cock twitched. He threw the diaper away. Then, left utterly aimless after recent events, Kar on his unmade bed and stared pensively at the wall to ponder what had just happened.

It was only after he’d been sitting for several minutes that he saw his smartphone, discarded on the floor from his previous sobbing fit, was flashing to indicate a new notification. Getting up to retrieve it, he swiped across the screen to see that he had a plethora of unanswered voicemails, text messages, and missed calls from a variety of people. Various students that he’d shared his phone number with wanted to know if he was okay, offering words of comfort and support. A majority of the team had tried to contact him asking if he still wanted to be on the team, voicing their hopes that he’d stay. Coach Wismer had called and left a message offering a profuse apology for the harsh implementation of the “three strikes” rule and was willing to “grant (him) allowances given (his) unique circumstance.” Shortly before that Professor Houndstooth had left a lengthy message detailing that Kar should expect to hear from the coach as well as the school’s administration concerning the “deplorable travesties” that he’d had to deal with, and Kar saw that he did have a message requesting that he made an appointment with the dean, of all people, to sort this all out. There was even a voice message from the elephantine professor offering a very flustered, albeit sincere, apology about everything that had happened today. Kar was overwhelmed by the bulk of correspondence, yet he was also overjoyed. He got the feeling that he was going to be just fine after all at this school.

The only perplexing message among the lot was a single text message among the mass sent by students. This one was from Corey.

“One day down, dead meat. Two more to go…”

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