Bear Den

Beach Baby

“What is it, bro?” Manor shouted, bolting up the ramp of the lifeguard tower with panting breaths. “What’s the emergency?”

Just inside the hut a gorilla waited with crossed arms and a mischievous smile. In one hand he had a folded white object. A small hut, it barely had room for a desk and the medical equipment that was normally standard for the lifeguards, yet now the room was filled with items foreign in Manor’s usual workplace. Instead the lifeguard tower was now furnished with a large padded table like the ones that might be found in a doctor’s office, an equally gigantic piece furniture that appeared to be a bed with wooden railing enclosing all corners off the bedding, and the shelves that normally held equipment were stacked with rows and rows of the same folded white object that the gorilla held in his hand.

“Come ‘ere, boy,” the gorilla ooked in his deep bass voice as he patted the padded table beside him with his strong hands.

“Mason!” Manor groaned in exasperation. “I thought this was a real emergency and everything. You can’t just use the walkie talkie whenever you want, dude.”

“Firstly, it’s Mr. Kipling at work, kiddo,” Mason corrected the lifeguard with a playful smirk. “Secondly, it is an emergency. Someone slipped out of the house this morning without proper protection.”

“Is that what this is all about?” Manor pinched the bridge of his snout with an ursine claw. “Mason-”

“Mr. Kipling,” the gorilla corrected again as he unfurled the crinkly, white package that he held on the table beside him.

“Mr. Kipling,” Manor sighed in vexation, “We haven’t even disclosed the nature of our relationship outside of work. Don’t you think that this is all a bit too much too soon?”

“Well, boy,” Mason turned to the bear again, finished unfolding, “The way I see it, there’s still no immediate need to disclose our romantic relations. We can keep things professional here, and I can still act as your boss.

“That being said,” the hulking gorilla continued as he drew closer to Manor, towering over the bear, “In my eyes you’re still a tyke running amok in an awfully adult job. No matter how I look at it, you need a father figure to monitor and care for you in this severe occupation, so as your employer I’m going to give you a choice.”

One of Mason’s work-hardened hands warmly clasped to the bear’s shoulder in fatherly tenderness. The other gently caressed the side of Manor’s face.

“You can accept me as your ‘daddy’ as well as your boss while you’re at work…”

The hand was removed to jab a thumb over the ape’s shoulder and to the wood caged bed.

“Or you can quit pretending to be a big boy altogether, quit, and I’ll put you in that crib over there. I can keep an eye on you throughout my shifts that way, and I might even let ya toddle out and play in the sand from time to time if you’re good. You’re sure as hell not getting in the water though. Do I make myself clear?”

Manor didn’t know quite what to say. Mason and him had seemed to be perfectly on the same page for the last few months. It had been a rocky start, accepting that the lifeguard was in love with his captain, but Mason had seemed to have taken it swimmingly from the start. He’s the one who saw the bear ogling at him when Manor thought he wasn’t looking and had invited Manor out for a drink. The two hit it off quite well through a week of drinks after work, and along the way both of the men confessed to having an attraction for the same gender. A week after that both men admitted that they had a certain attraction to each other. By the end of the month it wasn’t unusual for Manor to wake up in Mason’s luxury apartment with nothing on and the gorilla smiling at him from the other side of the bed. It was then that the dirty little secrets started slipping out.

It was kind of concerning how well Mason took the news when Manor told his lover about his weird little kink. It wasn’t every day that a guy that you were sleeping with told you that he thought diapers were hot and wearing diapers was even hotter, but Mason seemed to take it in stride. He was very willing to accept this as a simple fact of Manor and even began researching the kink together. They laughed at clumsy, cringe-inducing documentaries concerning the fetish, and the older, jaded gorilla even broke in his barely used computer and starting a few internet accounts to be part of the online community. Mason began to understand the roles of the play involved and even started to buy a few things for his “baby bur” using his immense savings from various investments around the city. Soon it was practically a given that the gorilla expected Manor to be diapered the moment he entered the apartment. They certainly had the supplies for it at that point, and the bear was happy to oblige his “daddy.”

They had never discussed any sort of play outside of Mason’s apartment though, and while Manor doubted that the gorilla would fire him for something that was so far out of line, it was very possible for the nature of their young, budding relationship to change if Manor denied him. Mason had changed and adapted heavily for Manor over the last few months. He was still the same gruff, dominant, and soft-hearted ape that the bear first ogled at, but now he clearly shared Manor’s interests. Was he really willing to pass up this great relationship?

“O- Okay,” Manor resignedly mumbled, “but-”

He was swiftly cut off by an adult-sized pacifier that Mason pulled from the back pocket of his swim trunks. It tasted like sea salt and ape ass. A small part of the bear swooned at the flavor as he was ushered towards the padded table in the corner of the hut. A diaper was already laid out on the surface, and Manor new well from experience how to lay as to set his bottom in the center of the crinkly garment. The bear smiled despite himself to hear the sound as he collapsed onto the diaper, and Mason smiled in return. The gorilla’s hands clasped onto the waistband of the bear’s staff issued red swimming trunks. Manor’s face began to turn a matching shade as he felt his pants slowly and methodically being worked down from underneath his hairy bottom and over his now openly exposed cock. Nothing stopped any one of the other guards from walking into the hut at that very moment. There was no door to the entryway of the structure. Even one of the visitors of the beach could catch a spare glimpse of Manor’s exposed genitals. He began to sit up at the thought, wanting to check that no one was staring at his nude form laid bare, but Mason put a firm hand to Manor’s chest, pinning him to the table with his strong, muscular arm.

“What a squirmy cub I have here this morning,” Mason chuckled. “You know, the less you fuss the sooner this will be over, kiddo.”

Manor groaned from behind the pacifier but remained still. The gorilla’s strong hand remained on the bear’s shirt though, so when he felt a metallic coldness enclosing around his cock, Manor was unable to observe the cause of the sensation. All he heard was a series of rattling noises followed by a sudden and final click. The sound caused the bear’s ears to perk, and when Mason removed his hand a short time later, Manor tilted his head forward to peer down at his groin. He gasped to see that his member was now engulfed in a familiar metallic contraption with a series of curved bands along the length attached to a singular circle surrounding the base of his testicles by a lock. Seeing the bear’s expression of shock, Mason chuckled once more.

“I couldn’t leave my baby bear to roam the beach without my direct supervision with ample time to toy with his wee wee, now could I?” the gorilla explained in a patronizing tone.

Manor attempted to argue as to what a ridiculous notion that was, but the words became muffled from behind the pacifier and imitated indecipherable baby babble.

“I’m glad you agree,” Mason mocked with a loving stroke of the bear’s hair.

“So then you’ll help me decide…”

The gorilla bent over and began rummaging through some of the lower cupboards affixed to the shack’s walls. He came back into Manor’s view with two objects of similar shape in each hand. Manor’s eyes widened in surprise to find himself staring at two large butt plugs, one only slightly larger than the other. They weren’t the biggest he’d ever seen. They weren’t even the biggest he’d ever used, but they were certainly a surprise to see here.

“Would baby bear like the bigger one or the one that vibrates?” Mason innocently asked with a devious smile.

By the time Manor left the lifeguard tower nearly a half hour after he arrived, he did so with a pronounced waddle. Not only had Mason decided to stuff his now tender hole with the larger plug after the bear attempted to argue for inserting neither, but the sadistic gorilla added another layer of padding on top of the first when Manor sat up to check up for onlookers again in a moment of weakness. He had said that since the bear was deciding to be so squirmy through only one diaper change then he’d want it to last for a while. Consequently, the diapers now made a very conspicuous bulging outline through his fitted trunks. Not to mention, the lifeguard tank top, also part of the uniform, had been replaced during the process of the diapering, though Manor hadn’t noticed it at the time. Now that he was walking away the bear noticed that his shirt was now unusually snug, leaving little to the imagination concerning his muscular torso and allowing the waistband of his diaper to noticeably bloom from under his trunks by several inches. The design was different as well, with a print of the word “junior” in scrawling, childish lettering before the title of “lifeguard.” He’d even been ordered to keep the pacifier with the matching red cross in his maw. He disobeyed, of course, spitting it out as soon as he was out of sight of the lifeguard tower, but the red and white strap attached to the collar of his tank top kept it in view.

Manor tried to act as casual as he could as he walked to the far side of the beach and back to his lookout, but the bear quickly found himself growing paranoid. Lifeguards were prone to being the look of sidelong looks. Whether it was because people saw him as a spoilsport waiting for an opportunity to ruin their fun, a figure of authority, or a hot piece of eye candy, Manor knew that being in view was all part of the job. Now more than ever though the bear didn’t want anyone to look at him, an impossibility on a sunny Summer weekend, so with every glance or peak made in his direction the bear blushed a brighter shade of red. He become hyperconscious of the distinct crinkling sound his diaper made with every step, the pacifier methodically swinging to and fro across his muscular chest, and jolt of painful pleasure that occurred beneath his tail with every step. By the time time he reached his lookout chair Manor’s face easily matched the shade of his shorts and he was more than ready to hide above the crowd in his remote seating. Unfortunately, he was met by company upon approaching his lookout though.

“Mom, I foun’ ‘im!” a small joey shouted as he bounced towards Manor. “I foun’ da lifeguawd!”

From among a crowd of beach umbrellas and beach-goers sunning themselves blankets and towels a kangaroo in a sundress bounded after the boy, but not before the little joey found himself before Manor. He only stood to be about the height of the bear’s waist, but looking up at Manor he had a smile as wide as the moon. Ironically, the tiny tot had his own white, plastic waistband flaps peeking from over his swim trunks, clearly having not yet mastered potty training. It was also fairly obvious that the little roo had been crying fairly recently, the fur beneath his eyes being damp in dark, wet streams.

“Can ya get it?” the roo asked excitedly as he bounced from leg to leg.

“Get what, lil’ dude?” Manor asked in return, glancing back up to to the mother slowly gaining in tow seeking some clarification in the situation.

“My bee ball!” the little kangaroo exclaimed, bouncing faster.

“Your beach ball?”

“He lost it,” the mother gasped, having finally arrived at the scene and firmly grasping a hand around the little roo’s wrist. “Don’t run ahead of me like that, Taylor!”

“Sowwy, mama,” the roo returned, hanging his head for a moment before looking back up to Manor again expectantly.

“Well,” Manor slowly answered, “We have a lost and found. If you want-”

“No,” the mother continued to gasp from her rapid chase before pointing out to the ocean, “There.”

Manor cocked his head to one side, regarding the mother, the hand, and finally to where she was pointing. He didn’t understand quite what the woman meant or what exactly she was pointing at. Manor only saw miles and miles of the beautiful ocean blue. Then a wave broke, washing over the sandy shore, and the lifeguard saw it. Directly where the kangaroo was pointing was a small red, yellow, and blue striped circle, a beach ball. From the relatively small size of the ball on the horizon, Manor guessed that it was already half a football field away from shore.

“He’s not a good swimmer yet,” the mother kangaroo explained between pants, “and I only have my dress. Is there any way you could get it? It would mean so much.”

I sighed seeing how far out the ball was, but a glance at the mother, her child, and both of their pleading eyes strengthened Manor’s reserve.

“I’ll be right back, ma’am,” the bear said with a smile as he dashed out to the ocean in a jog.

Manor could hear the small roo shouting and cheering the lifeguard on, and the smile on his face only grew wider as he remembered why he loved his job. The warm sand exploded under every hurried footstep as, with tube in hand, the bear drew closer and closer to the tide. He braced himself for the cold sea water as the sand grew wet beneath his feet. A front of cooling, salty sea air rustled through his face fur as the tide brought up a small, waist-high wave to meet the bear, challenging him to face it. He leapt toward the taunting, watery hand with glee. He felt something strange though. The bear was already in the zone, wading through the water and unfazed by the cold or the tide pushing against him. All the same, there was a sensation tugging against the bear that he wasn’t used to a certain weight at the waist that he struggled against as he began paddling in increasingly deepening water. Being a professional though, the bear tuned the feeling out as he clutched the tube beneath him and began swimming in earnest. He knew every second he delayed was a second that the beach ball was getting further out to sea, and the closer to the shore Manor could stay the closer he and the rest of his side of the beach could stay.

Despite his cynical, realist attitudes, Manor made it to the beach ball in record time. He grinned as a salty wave dashed the inflated ball into his face and into his grasp, still thinking of the kid cheering on the beach, and turned about face to paddle toward shore with the ball in hand. It the bear a bit longer to return, and along the way his mind began to relax and wander. He thought about swimming out and how impressed the child was going to be. He thought about how young kids like were always easily impressed and how cute he was, cheering and shouting with his tiny diaper practically on display for all to see. Manor was rising out of the water and onto shore when the smile on his face began to fade as he suddenly thought about the strange sensation he had felt when racing towards the beach ball. He had been so focused on his momentary mission that he had entirely forgotten his overall situation. The weight around his waist, now identified as the double layer diaper that Mason had enclosed the bear in, greatly intensified once the bear stepped onto land, making Manor pause in horror to look down.

The diaper was no longer conspicuous through his trunks, as they so simply were before. The diaper had now swollen immensely, having absorbed a great amount of sea water during his swim, and was now easily double its original size. The bulge from the front of Manor’s trunks was approximately the size of a large grapefruit, and his padded rear had expanded outward to imitate the beach ball that Manor had brought ashore. His trunks now poured out water with the consistent stream to rival that of a teapot, and every step now elicited a poignant sloshing sound from the waterlogged diaper instead of a crinkle. The white tank top, now equally soaked through, was now rendered practically transparent, except for the embarrassing red signage on the front, which severed to display, not only Manor’s enviable physique, but also the childishly peeking diaper waistband.

Given the show that Manor had made of chasing after the insignificant beach ball, the “junior lifeguard” now had more than a few eyes staring slack-jawed in disbelief at his bizarre appearance, pacifier dangling from his shirt and diaper cartoonishly bulging from under his swim shorts. The mother of the kangaroo, still by the lifeguard’s lookout, appeared to be dumbfounded by the bear and had let go of her roo’s arm in shock. The young kangaroo remained unabated though and was instead now extremely excited by the return of his favored toy. Shouting and hoping for joy, the small roo bounded forward before the mother had recovered and was already halfway to the standstill lifeguard before she had begun her pursuit. Manor was still staring out at the onlooking crowd like an actor that had forgotten his lines when the roo once again appeared before him, tightly hugging the bear’s leg.

“T’ank ‘ou! T’ank ‘ou! T’ank ‘ou!” the little roo shouted as he beamed ear to ear, still happily leaping up and down on the foot he was so cheerily clinging too.

Still in shock, Manor craned his head down to the roo with eyes wide to see that familiar grin across the little kid’s awestruck mug. Then, despite himself, Manor began to smile as well. He slowly began to feel himself unfreeze from the surprise and uncurled his arm from around the beach ball to offer it to the roo hugging his leg. The young kangaroo shouted for joy once again as his hug ceased just as suddenly as it had begun in order to clasp around the beach ball. It was funny to see the small child cling to the sphere as the thing stood to be about the roo’s height, requiring the full length of both of his arms to enclose even halfway around the ball.

The sight made Manor chuckle as he offered a simple, “You’re welcome, lil’ dude.”

“Taylor!” the mother shouted as she quickly came from behind and seized her child in both arms, lifting him off of the ground and into her pouch through a slot in the sundress.

Though the roo was clearly taken off-guard by his mother’s sudden protectiveness, he still managed to keep his meager grasp on the ball. Manor took a half step back from the pair, seeing the older kangaroo’s guarded expression when regarding him and the brief yet pointed glances at his swim trunks. The bear’s face began blush again as the the crowd of sunbathers behind the pair of kangaroos began to unfreeze as well, staring at Manor, whispering, and pointing at him. One younger child among the bunch loudly remarked on the lifeguard wearing a diaper before they were hushed by a nearby adult. It was at this comment that the small, pouched roo looked from over his beach ball and at Manor’s bulging trunks. His beaming grin faded as he regarded the thing, as if taking in the sheer girth of the adsorbent undergarment. Before long though the smile returned as the roo’s gaze turned back up to the lifeguard’s face.

“When I get olda, I wanna be jus’ like ‘ou!” the roo excitedly shouted over the crowd before standing up in his mother’s pouch to snap his obvious diaper’s waistband.

Quite unbidden, a smile suddenly flashed across Manor’s face before a hearty chuckle issued forth from his lips. He doubled over laughing, and the little roo laughed too. Then, strangely enough, the mother began to smile as well. Then she began her own light giggle. Smiles and laughter crept across the crowd as well until everyone had more or less returned to what they were doing, grinning and enjoying the sun. Manor eventually recovered, and afterwards the mother thanked the bear for getting her son’s beach ball.

“Any time, ma’am,” Manor cheerily responded. “He’s one special kid.”

“That he is,” the mother kangaroo agreed with a rustle of her roo’s hair before she began to hop away.

“Bye bye, Mistah Lifeguawd!” the roo called from over the side of his mother’s pouch.

“Bye, lil’ dude!” Manor called back. “Take care!”

The crowd abated and everyone happy, Manor’s mind returned to the very soggy diaper that he found himself in.

“So much for not needing a change in a while, huh?” he mumbled to himself.

“Is my baby bear back already?” Mason called over his shoulder as he finished some paperwork from his desk while Manor made his way up the ramp to the lifeguard tower for the second time that morning.

“And what if it wasn’t me?” Manor returned in a hushed tone, perturbed by the gorilla’s lack of discretion.

“The crinkling of your diapers gave you away,” answered Mason with a chuckle as he spun around in his office chair to regard the bear, and his smile only grew wider and more jovial. “And holy shit, it well should’ve! Did you throw on twenty more while I wasn’t looking?”

“Nah,” Manor answered with a bemused grin as he entered the hut. “I had to save a kid’s beach ball.”

“So my little bear’s all waterlogged in the crinkle butt, eh?” Mason’s chuckle growing to an uproarious, bassy laughter.

“Shuddup,” Manor returned as his face began to return that increasingly uniform shade of red.

“Hey,” Mason snapped with sudden seriousness that made Manor’s back straighten and butt clench, only to remember and slightly moan at the presence of the sizable butt plug in his hole, “None of that sort of language from my baby bear while he’s at work. Put your pacifier in and keep it there, boy.”

Manor blushed further, but Mason’s sharp tone commanded a certain obedience in the bear. It was the same voice as the one he used when the bear stayed at the luxury apartment, the one that meant that the gorilla was in charge and Manor was going to do what he said or else. It was usually associated with a rush of arousal as well though, the sudden thrill of being forced into his place, so as Mason watched expectantly Manor’s hand wandered to the pacifier still clipped to his tank top and inserted it into his suckling mouth. Unconsciously the bear began massaging and flexing around the plug in his behind, and his member, still tightly caged, throbbed from the sudden loss of control.

“Now, go lie down in your crib for a bit and think about how big boys should talk to their boss daddies,” Mason ordered with a sadistic grin. “I’ll finish up this paperwork here, and then we’ll get you changed and out in your lookout high chair again.”

Manor rolled his eyes a bit at the high chair analogy, but his cock still twitched at the thought as he made his way over to the crib. Still suckling at the pacifier, the bear carefully dropped the side of the gigantic crib down, rolled on top of the bedding, and refastened the side. As the “junior lifeguard” was still dripping from head to toe, the muscular bear found himself glad to be laying on top of a waterproof mattress guard, though he realized that it probably hadn’t been purchased with the purpose of repelling sea water in mind. He sat on top of the bed for a spell, staring at Mason pointedly ignoring him as he finished his paperwork until he realized that the gorilla probably wasn’t going to be done quick as quickly as he had originally projected, most likely as was his intention, so the bear began to take stock of his surroundings. A large window next to the crib allowed him a beautiful view of the ocean, though as he still wasn’t terribly fond of the notion of someone looking in to see him, Manor didn’t look through it for too long. There was a mobile overhead of the crib, a small thing decorated by hanging seashells and sand dollars. The bear found himself idly pawing at the thing when Mason finally stood up.

Manor sat upright upon the sudden movement of the ape and the anticipation of liberation from his current soggy predicament, yet disappointingly, he found that Mason had risen from his seat for quite another reason. Still without even regarding the large, muscular bear in need of a change in the crib just next to him, Mason opened up one of the several drawers of his desk and began fumbling around among the contents searching for something. Before long one of the ape’s hands emerged with a large plastic nipple and soon after the other exited the drawer with a plastic bottle of a matching size, a baby bottle.

Manor rolled his eyes again. This was one of the gorilla’s classic tricks to send him into a little headspace. He’d pull out a little apple juice or warm milk, give it the bear, and he’d promptly suckle down the whole thing like a little cub. Manor grinned beneath his pacifier, glad to try something old and familiar for a change despite trying it in an unnervingly public place. The bear’s smile was struck when his face when he realized that the lifeguard hut didn’t have any sort of refrigerated place to store a drink and saw the gorilla begin to haul his sizable cock from underneath his shorts.

“Is the baby bear ready for daddy’s special juice?” Mason taunted with a villainous smile.

The diapered bear watched awestruck as a slight yellow stream began to issue forth from the gorilla’s large appendage, growing more and more intense the longer it ran. Manor couldn’t believe what he was watching. Mason was standing there, smiling at him, in the middle of their workplace, and pissing into a baby bottle. The bear watched as the foamy, golden liquid bubbled upwards and drawing ever closer to the top of the bottle. It passed the lines etched into the side of the container with increasing rapidity until the stream of piss began to taper off. A look of relaxed contentment mingled with the expression of evil glee on Mason’s face as he slowly finished the act of relieving himself, shaking the now slightly hardened cock into the bottle, leaving it to be just a teaspoon from full.

The gorilla set the bottle down on his desk, folding his member back into his shorts. The outline of the ape’s now partially erect cock was apparent through his swim trunks, giving the bear one more reminder of how and why he was the “boss daddy.” Manor watched, wide eyed, as his boss began fumbling through the drawers yet again before drawing out another small bottle, a sealed one this time with an official-looking label. The bear wasn’t able to make it out before the gorilla unscrewed the top and began pouring it in with his urine until the mixture reached the very top of the bottle. It was only then that Mason took the nipple and screwed it onto the top of the baby bottle, giving Manor an opportunity to read the other one while he shook the combination of liquids together. The bear gasped upon reading the words, “magnesium citrate,” and begin to voice his concern in mock baby babbling again.

“Don’t worry, baby bear,” Mason answered with a patronizing tone. “I’m just making sure that you get all your special ingredients in just the right dosages with daddy’s special juice. That way we can make sure that thick, soggy diaper of yours is well used by the time daddy finishes his paperwork in a few hours.”

Mason approached the crib with the bottle of yellow liquid in hand.

“Now say, ‘ah,’” the gorilla requested.

Manor was hesitant but eventually opened his maw, allowing his pacifier to drape down against his chest, dangling from the strap again.

“Good boy,” Mason encouraged as he eased the bottle in Manor’s mouth.

He began suckling at that point. The bear didn’t really think about it. A large part of him chose not to, opting for blind obedience over knowingly partaking of his lover’s piss and laxative through a baby bottle as he was doing it, so he was surprised by the flavor of the mixture. Despite having never tasted urine before, he found it oddly and appealingly familiar. It was decidedly musky, yet there was also a tinge of saltiness. As he he closed his eyes, silently draining the bottle, he thought back to earlier in the day to the point when he first began suckling of his pacifier. He smiled as he realized it tasted remarkably like salt water and gorilla ass, his favorite flavor, and before the long the entire bottle was drained dry.

For the next few hours, Manor relaxed and played with the mobile in the crib. It wasn’t the most exciting thing to do when passing the time, but it gave Manor a certain amount of time to think. Today he had been stuffed with a butt plug, diapered in his workplace, exposed in public in front of a group of strangers, and fed piss and laxative through a baby bottle. As he burped, tasting the musky flavor of urine again, Manor pondered how bad it would be to do this every day. That seemed to be the idea that Mason had in mind, and though the prospect had originally shocked him, he didn’t particularly suppose that he was actually scared by the notion. Instead, Manor found himself just a tad bit excited. This would become the new normal, living however he pleased, as exactly who he was, and for his own pleasure. These liberated and excited the bear, and as he rose to regard a world born anew in his mind through the large window by his crib, a small fart escaped from around the plug in his hole.

Manor glanced over at the bear as he began to clutch his stomach. He suddenly felt an immense pressure in his bowels. Another toot escaped, and then another. The pressure was building more and more steadily until Manor suddenly doubled over. It wasn’t a severe pain, but it certainly hurt. It hurt, but it got a message clearly across that Manor needed to void his bowels immediately. The only problem that Manor had not previously considered, though, was the plug between his cheeks.

“Mason!” the bear grunted, desperately glancing up at the gorilla for assistance, “The plug!”

He had turned his gaze upward, and just as the words had left his lips they were followed by a shocked gasp. The gorilla and bear were no longer alone. Standing in the doorway of the hut was another lifeguard, a large and muscular alligator by the name of Drey. His large reptilian jaw hung wide open as he stared at the grunting, scrunched up bear staring back at him. Manor had no idea how long Drey had been standing there, how long he had observed him acting so infinitely. His face turned a shade darker red than even shorts, yet he found himself helpless to grunt and fart even further his body desperately tried to expel the foreign object in his anus. Meanwhile, Mason merely turned from his desk and stood to greet Drey.

“Good morning, Drey,” Mason cordially greeted his coworker. “What can I do for you?”

“Um, well…” Drey was clearly having trouble piecing together what exactly he wanted to say as he stared at the scene unfolding before him. “I just wanted to check in at the beginning of my shift.”

“Right!” Mason returned with a business as usual tone of voice. “Well, Manor here is going to be busy for a bit, poor lil’ tyke, so you can take care of his spot on the far side of the beach in the meantime.”

“Um, okay…” the alligator mumbled as he continued to stare.

Just as Drey answered as a sudden popping sound was heard in the room, like a cork being ejected from a bottle, and suddenly the plug was free from Manor’s rear. An avalanche of warmth slide into the rear of his padding as a sigh of relief came from the scrunched up bear in his crib. The back of his trunks visibly expanded, a sizable feat considering how large the diaper had grown to be already, and a strong smell began wafting from Manor’s rear throughout the rest of the room. Drey’s face turned bright red as he turned around and had left the tower, and Mason looked out after the gator as he left. The gorilla couldn’t be sure, but he could’ve sworn that he’d seen a strange, bulging outline in the front of his coworker’s shorts before he had suddenly left.

This a little story request for and starring
Bottlebear’s character, Manor. He also created the art for the story, the original posting of which can be found here.

Mason is mine.

Drey is based off of Sharkypaddedbottom’s character found here because I am a insatiable fanboy.

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    Near the end of the year we often receive tedious amounts of the usual requests asking for bigger muscles, less fat, ...
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    Pec Toe Rals

    “He looks pretty hot. If anything, that’s how I would wanna look like, but fatter.”Aiden Maxim You were a video game ...
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    Beach Baby

    “What is it, bro?” Manor shouted, bolting up the ramp of the lifeguard tower with panting breaths. “What’s the emergency?” Just ...
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    Pork in Padding

    “Here’s my story pitch: a gang of menacing, outlaw bikers gets turned into horny, diapered, cartoon anthros.”McBaer It was a busy ...
  • Bear Den

    Fresh Meat

    You seemed extremely excited on you first day of work. You were only a temp, a simple employee on a contract ...
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    There are few things better for the soul than a good slice of pizza. The subtle combination of sauces, meats, and ...
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